Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

The project in numbers
48 months
Start date: 01.04.17
End date: 30.11.22
N. Partner: 1
Budget FERS:

The project in numbers

48 months
Start / End: 
01.04.17 to 30.11.22
Project progress: 
Budget FERS: 


Isonzo-Soča Cross-border Park
Priority Axis 3

Protecting and promoting natural and cultural resources

Specific Objective: 
OS 3.1.
Investment Priority: 
PI 6c
Overall Objective of the Project: 

The project highlighted the construction, in the territories of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba, of a cross-border network of cycle and pedestrian paths along the Isonzo river and along the State border that connects Salcano to Šempeter-Vrtojba and then to Miren. Infrastructural works were carried out to improve the usability of the area and make it more attractive to citizens and tourists.


Project summary: 

The goals of the project were the conservation, protection, recovery and development of the natural and cultural heritage of the cross-border area along the Isonzo-Soča river, as a homogeneous tourist-recreational destination. A network of pedestrian and cycle paths and tourist-recreational infrastructures was set up, as well as an integrated communication and promotion plan.

Specifically, the project aimed to the construction, in the territories of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba, of a cross-border network of cycle and pedestrian paths along the Isonzo river and along the State Border that connects Salcano to Šempeter-Vrtojba. By 2021 substantial infrastructure works were carried out, which improved the usability of the area and increased its attractiveness for citizens and tourists



1.  Lot 1 “Vrtojba recreational area

The project contract was signed on 25.03.2019. Infrastructure works ended on 23.10.2019. The inauguration of the "Vrtojba recreational area" was on the 6th of November 2019. 

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2. Lot 2- "Footbridge over the Isonzo river at Solkan and cycle pahts connected to the one of  Solkan-Plave"

The first call for bids was published on the 19.12.2018 but the offers were inadmissible. As a consequence, the Municipality of Nova Gorica adjusted the executive project. The second call for bids was published on the 12th July 2019. The project contract was signed on the 17.10.2019. The infrastructure work regularly started on the 21.10.2019.

The work for Lot 2 has been completed in November 2022.




3. Lot 3 - “Realization of a cycle and pedestrian paths along the state border"

Construction of cycle-pedestrian path that connects Solkan/Salcano, through via degli Scogli and Kolodvorska pot, through Piazza Europa / Transalpina, to Erjavčeva ulica and via San Gabriele. From here the existing routes allow to continue up to the Rafut border crossing point. From Rafut, the cycle path continues south towards Vrtojba and further on to Miren.

The work for Lot 3 has been completed in November 2022.



4. Lot 4- "Construction of cycle paths along the Isonzo River" 

The first cycle path in question connects Solkan/Salcano, trough via degli Scogli, to the Torrione bridge and continues through via dei Cordaioli to the Straccis pedestrian walkway. It therefore constitutes the Gorizia stretch of the FVG 5 "Isonzo cycle path" as indicated in the Regional Landscape Plan which, from the Straccis bridge, continues along the Isonzo/ Soča through the other municipalities of the province of Gorizia up to Grado.

The second itinerary connects via San Gabriele to the Torrione bridge through via Generale Scodnik, via Brass and viale XX settembre. The cycle path in question creates the east-west connection as envisaged in the integrated territorial marketing plan.

The work for Lot 4 has been completed in November 2022.


Strategic plan for the valorization of the Isonzo-Soča Cross-Border Park:

The strategic plan for the  enhancement of the Isonzo-Soča Cross-Border Park started from an integrated study of the cross-border area of ​​the EGTC GO in order to identify the tourist actractiveness. The plan aimed to increase the number of visitors and to diversify the tourist offer by focusing on gastronomy and bycicle. It also aimed to create a cycle Ring, which could be tourist attraction, but also an infrastructure used by citizens as a "bicycle ring road" for daily journeys.
The strategy developed takes into account economic, but also environmental, infrastructural, cultural, historical and sociological aspects and it was preceded by a comparison with numerous local stakeholders (from Universities to the hoteliers, from environmental to cultural associations and so on).

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Development of the strategic plan for the enhancement of the Isonzo - Soča Cross-Border Park:

Report A- Indagini conoscitive
Report B- Proposta Progettuale

Main results: 

The main result of the project consisted in recognizing the tourist actractiveness of the area of ​​the three municipalities of the EGTC GO. The individual results that are intended to be achieved within the project are:

- Integrated cross-border network of cycle and pedestrian paths;

- Investments aimed at creating and promoting the new tourist destination and new tourist products with  an unified vision of the Isonzo-Soča Cross-Border park;

- Greater visibility of the cross-border area as an integrated tourist destination for leisure time;

- Integrated marketing strategy more effective and efficient for the whole Cross-Border aerea;

- Greater number of visitors thanks to the sustainable investments implemented in the area of ​​the three Municipalities;

- Increased accessibility of the Isonzo-Soča Cross-Border park, with a special attention for people with a motor disability. 




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