Authorities and structures

In accordance with the Article 21-25 of Regulation (EU) No 1299/2013, the following authorities and structures have been designated for the management and control of the Programme:


Managing Authority

The Managing Authority (MA) is responsible for the management and implementation of the Programme towards the European Commission.

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Certifying Authority

The Certifying Authority (CA) is responsible for certifying the declarations of expenditure and the applications for payment before their submission to the European Commission.
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Audit Authority

The Audit Authority (AA) is responsible for verifying the effective functioning of the management and control system. The AA will be assisted by a Group of Auditors composed by representatives of both MS participating in the Programme.

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Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee is responsible for supervising and monitoring the Programme implementation and for selecting the operations.

Before its establishment a Programme Task Force was set up. Such Task Force was a temporary group composed of designated members of both Members States Italy and Slovenia and adopted the internal Rules of Procedures. The main aim was the preparation of the Cooperation Programme. The Task Force concluded its activities when the CP was adopted by the EC on December 15th, 2015.

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Intermediate Body GECT GO / EZTS GO

Intermediate Body (IB) is responsible for the management and implementation of the ITI. The role and functions of the OIB of the GECT GO/EZTS GO are described in Section 4 of the Cooperation Programme.

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Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat (JS) assists the MA and the MC in carrying out their respective functions.

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The Representatives of Member States

The Representatives of Member States (MSs) are National/Regional Authorities.

Slovene Info Point and regional supporting structures in Italy

The Slovene Info Point and regional supporting strucures in Italy provide information to potential beneficiaries in their own territories.

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First Level Control

The First Level Control (FLC) is responsible for carrying verifications in relation to expenditures incurred by beneficiaries.

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