Programme documentation

Monitoring Committee documents

Rules of Procedures

Montoring Committee memberiship

Conclusions of the 1st MC meeting held in Trieste (Italy) on September 20th, 2022

Conclusions of the 2nd MC meeting held on-line on December 19th, 2022

Written Procedures

List of written procedures

Task Force’s Rules of Procedure

Task force 2021-2027 Rules of Procedure (version 2/2019)

ANNEX 1 to the Task Force 2021-2027 Rules of Procedure - List of the Task Force 2021-2027 members

Border Orientation Paper-Italy-Slovenia

Border Orientation Paper-Italy- Slovenia (BoP)

Non official analysis documents drafted by the MA/JS

Analysis 0 – Crossing INTERREG Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 evidences into 2021-2027 perspective

Analysis 1 - Towards contest analysis 2021-2027: first impact assessment of projects financed by INTERREG Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020

Analysis 2 - Analysis on 2014-2020 project applications through the concept of functional areas

Territorial and socio economic Analisys of the Programme area

Territorial and socio-economic Analysis (only in English)

Interreg programme

IP1 - Programme 2021-27 (only in English)

IP2 - Annex to the Programme 2021-27 - projects of strategic importance (only in English)

Methodology Paper of the Performance Framework (only in English)

Citizens Summary

SEA procedure - Preliminary phase - April 2022

Scoping Report (only in English)

SEA1 - Environmental Report (only in English)

SEA2 - Non-technical summary (only in English)

SEA3 - Appropriate assessment (only in English)

SEA procedure - Final statements - June 2022

SEA1 - Environmental Report

SEA2 - Environmental Statement

Annex 1 - Replies to scoping comments

Annex 2 - Appropriate assessment

State aid

Umbrella scheme for granting State aid to enterprises within the Programme Interreg VI-A Italia-Slovenia 2021-2027 no. SA.104483

Visual identity

Visual identity guidelines for projects’ communication and visibility activities

Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Plan – vers. 1 (only in English)