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Information for the processing of personal data

Information for the processing of personal data


INTERACT documentation

INTERACT 2014-2020 provides assistance to the actors involved in the implementation of EU-funded programmes in the framework of the the European Territorial Cooperation Objective of EU cohesion policy.
INTERACT provides advice on matters relating to the management and implementation, supports the organization of thematic seminars and contributes to the dissemination of examples of good practice.
INTERACT assists institutions and organizations across Europe responsible for managing territorial cooperation programs, including the managing authorities, joint technical secretariats, national contact points and audit and certifying authorities. The programme covers all EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

Glossary All INTERREG terms, definitions and translations


Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY)

This initiative is part of the broader European Solidarity Corps founded by the European Union, that gives opportunity to the young EU residents to volunteer in a period from 2 to 6 months in transnational, interregional and cross-border programmes. There are 2 ways to join an Interreg programme, as Project Partner, who directly helps the organizations at solidarity, health, social inclusion and climate change tackling projects, or as Interreg Reporter, who helps to give visibility to the concrete results of the running projects.

For & months the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia programme will host some volunteers, who will support the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat in Trieste (Italy).

For more information about Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY): https://www.interregyouth.com/