Published article from BioApp project partner NIC: From waste/residual marine biomass to active biopolymer-based packaging film materials for food industry applications – a review (20/11/2019)


Researchers from National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia, Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Ingeniring, published an article in journal Physical Sciences Reviews covernig sustainable nature-inspired alternatives to plastic. Waste/residual marine biomass represents a vast and potentially underexplored source of biopolymers chitin/chitosan and alginate. Their isolation and potential application in the development and production of bio-based food packaging are gaining in attractiveness due to a recent increment in plastic pollution awareness. Accordingly, a review of the latest research work was given to cover the pathway from biomass sources to biopolymers isolation and application in the development of active (antimicrobial/antioxidant) film materials intended for food packaging. Screening of the novel eco-friendly isolation processes was followed by an extensive overview of the most recent publications covering the chitosan- and alginate-based films with incorporated active agents.

Alginate-based film with incorporated natural food dyeAlginate-based film with incorporated natural food dye
Alginate-based film with incorporated natural food dye.jpg
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