Project CB_WBL: Workshop about cross-border education and training


On the 6th of March 2018, a joint cross-border workshop entitled »Development of collaborative capacities in vocational and professional education« at Villa Vipolže (Goriška Brda), concluded the first training activity of the project CB_WBL, which is co-financed within the programme Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenija 2014-2020

The training was intended for school workers and representatives of the world of work from the Italian and Slovenian part of the program area.

The activity, which consisted of three working days, firstly provided participants with an insight into the education and training system of students in companies in the neighboring area. After that the topics of the labor market were discussed at the joint workshop, in particular the employment of graduates and the use of European frameworks and systems, such as the EQF and ECVET, which enable dialogue and can facilitate cross-border cooperation in vocational education and training.

In the course of the day, the testimonies of the students participating in learning mobility were presented,  as well as an in-depth discussion from companies with mixed personel, that accepted the practical training of students from both the Slovenian and Italian sides.

Finally, the workshop was an opportunity to present a proposal of the protocol on cross-border practical training with work. The day ended by dividing participants into three working focus groups: administrative and institutional issues, partnerships and financing and quality in mobility.

The training was completed with success, as 28 participants who were included in all the training program achieved and exceeded the target indicator.