Primorski tehnološki park active in the search for good practices collaboration between creative industries and traditional businesses relevant to the DIVA project


DIVA's strategic project aims to create an environment that will foster cross-border cooperation and social and technological innovation, not only for today but also for the society of the future. The partners are working with existing and new different content platforms to contribute to closer collaboration between the economy, the arts, design and the creation of different social initiatives.

The project foresees, inter alia, the examination of existing practices of cooperation between the creative and artistic spheres and traditional entrepreneurship. Based on past knowledge experience, we can learn, possibly even avoid mistakes. The search for good practices is not only a search for knowledge but also contacts. As the nodes that will connect creativity and entrepreneurship will be placed in a cross-border space, society, processes, events, new knowledge, support mechanisms and connections will be developed.

Primorski tehnološki park in October 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia) visited some well-functioning creative hubs that connect art, creativity and entrepreneurship. We spoke with the founders of the Mikser, Nova Iskra, Smart Office hub, sharing experiences and information about an effective and long-term hub that will also work for the benefit of the general population. For the long-term existence of HUB, it is essential that the hub's involvement and reach, as well as the support of political decision-makers where the hub operates. An example of good practice in a positive work environment is the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, where a passenger can take advantage of a quiet work area and perform many tasks. He can meet with a business partner, leave advertising material, maybe even make a deal.

Let's look at the nodes we visited. They were all located in the old part of Belgrade, where art, creativity is "automatically" part of the business world. This part of the city in itself offers an openness, a differentness, it is the part of the city where the time seems to slow down and the culture, tradition and the urban core of the old core begin to fill. This is also to be expected since art is a focus, innovation, a “retreat” from reality, it does not know the strict time dimension that entrepreneurship and production know.

As we entered the foyer of the Mixer HUB, we were surrounded by thousands of paper birds - the space was filled with creative energy that heralded an interesting discussion.

Leaving the HUB, we were full of new experiences, of the belief that much can be done if one believes in the idea, if there is personal engagement in implementation, and involvement in the wider social context. The mixer combines activities and knowledge in the field of architecture, furniture design and modern trends with sustainable production. This guarantees topicality and future. The Mikser Festival and the Mikser House activate the general public and also reach out to the socio-political field (space for refugees and their culture as well). Not surprisingly, the house, according to The Guardian, has been identified as one of the 10 most inspiring places in the world.

The learning about the HUBs that successfully connect the creative, business, and scientific realms was not over. What was hiding behind the door of the Nova Iskra HUB could not be predicted in advance. Nova Iskra is the first creative HUB in the Balkan region that seeks to connect the creative industry, technology and people. The purpose is to develop creative thinking, quality ideas, new organizational models and accelerate the growth of innovative entrepreneurship of the future - while taking into account the challenges and rapid changes of modern society.

Ambitiously planned - but how do you translate words into a specific situation? Upon entering Nova Iskra, the visitor is overwhelmed with positive work energy. The space is reminiscent of a large and colourful ant, with many rooms, multi-purpose rooms; there is discussion in separate corners; ideas, experiences, knowledge are exchanged; some users work in front of their computers, some meet in large lobby rooms, others relax and talk in the social room where there is a pool table, prepare lunch or a snack and brew coffee, while others make presentations in a mini-movie room. Visitors to Nova Iskra are pursuing a goal; they are up and running, they see that they like to come to the premises. So, it's not just about space, it's something more. In Nova Iskra you can find coworking, mentoring, expert advice, people from the scientific, creative and entrepreneurial world; you can solve a specific problem while respecting major trends in social innovation, a green and responsible economy, contributing to broader well-being, sustainable development, gaining knowledge of alternative sources of finance and more.

Smart Office-coworking staff has already recognized that it is good to listen and follow the needs of users, especially those who travel. The HUB is located in the old city center of Belgrade and thus accessible to many institutions. Innovation is certainly important, but much has already been discovered and proven. Sometimes a product, a service, a way of working should be “refreshed”, supplemented, which is achieved by listening and observing users. Coworking is not just a place, it offers communication and the exchange of ideas from different professionals, establishing a network of contacts and thus increasing visibility and visibility. The activity also includes a wider community that is informed and aware of important topics.

The Creative Forum, held between November 12 and 15, 2019 in Ljubljana, organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Union for the Mediterranean and the German GIZ, also provided an opportunity to learn about existing nodes. The Creative Forum Ljubljana is an international platform focused on the cultural and creative industries that connect creators and strategists in the creative industries with policymakers from more than twenty countries of the Southern Mediterranean and the Western Balkans. PTP attended a high-level political panel and a study visit to Slovenia's creative practices. Much has been said about the creative sector and the importance of integration and multisectoral communication has been underlined. The creative sector co-creates a modern, developed and humane society, accounting for 5% of GNP and 10% of the employment of the Mediterranean region. The sector is environmentally friendly, sustainable, creative, offers jobs and is at the heart of the fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0.

Within the forum, we visited the DobraVaga Urban Culture Gallery / Center, RogLab Creative Lab, Metelkova City Alternative Culture Center, Creative Economy Pop-Up Center and Space for New Entrepreneurial Opportunities Center for Creative Economy with BIG See platform.

What is a successful HUB based on visits and information gathered?

What is a successful HUB based on visits and information gatheredWhat is a successful HUB based on visits and information gathered
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