At the press conference WALKofPEACE was presented the renovated old military vehicle "Cadorna"


At a press conference held on September 3, 2020 in Kobarid, within the WALKofPEACE project, Soča Valley Development Centre presented completed investments in the Municipality of Kobarid, focusing on the renovation of the old FIAT 15 TER military vehicle and the construction of a mobile pavilion. The conference was also attended by representatives of the Municipality of Kobarid, “Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation” and the Voluntary Fire Brigade Kobarid. Participants were able to ride with renovated “Cadorna” around Kobarid.

At the press conference, Almira Pirih from the Soča Valley Development Centre said that the old military vehicle FIAT 15 TER has been parked in the new pavilion since mid-August. Its renovation, together with the construction of a mobile pavilion, amounted to 58,000 euros. She also presented the investment taking place in the Italian military chapel on Planica, called the Bes Chapel. The works will be completed at the end of September. The total value of investments in the Municipality of Kobarid thus amounts to around 90,000.00 euros, of which 85% will be reimbursed from ERDF founds, 15% is contributed by the Municipality of Kobarid.

In addition to investment works in the renovation of buildings, monuments, museums, info centers with modern presentations of the First World War heritage, Almira Pirih stated that study activities are underway, new exhibitions, a base of fallen soldiers and thematic cultural and memorial events are being prepared. To strengthen the joint promotion and marketing of the heritage of the First World War, a cross-border destination brand Walk of Peace is being developed with marketing guidelines and a new website. She pointed out a series of trainings aimed at encouraging the development of a new tourist offer, especially for primary and secondary school students from area of Posočje, for whom individual programs for visiting the heritage of the First World War in nature have already been formed.

Tadej Koren from the “Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation” emphasized the long-standing awareness of the heritage of the First World War in nature. Within the WALKofPEACE project, he pointed out the good cooperation with Italian partners, with whom activities are directed in upgrading the trail, which will run from Log pod Mangrtom to Trieste and will be 430 km long.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kobarid Marko Matajurc pointed out the importance of the cooperation of various institutions in the local environment for the municipality. He told that the pavilion together with the vehicle will be moved to a new location during the construction of a new rescue center in Kobarid.

Sašo Rosič, the president of the Kobarid Voluntary Fire Brigade, pointed out that "Cadorna" is the pride of firefighters. He also explained that without the financial resources from the WALKofPEACE project, the vehicles themselves would not be able to be renovated, as all the funds are intended for emergency firefighting equipment. He highlighted the good cooperation with all the partners involved; Soča Valley Development Center, as the lead partner of the WALKofPEACE project, the Municipality of Kobarid, which contributes 15% of the funds, the company EKOEN AVTO, d.o.o., and the “Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation” as professional partner of the project.

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