NANO-REGION project at Meet in Italy 2019


As part of Meet in Italy for life science NANO-REGION presented a seminar entitled "Nanotechnologies in life sciences". The event, held on 17 October 2019, on four themes, with four speakers from the University of Trieste and the Cnr Materials Workshop Institute (Cnr-Iom): "Biomechanics for the selection of oocytes in reproductive technologies assisted "with the speaker L. Andolfi," Cardiology and engineering can go hand in hand "with O. Sbaizero," Histology of nanoindentation "by L. Casalis and" Advanced SPM techniques for nanoscale diagnostics "with the speaker S. Prato. The presentations were followed by a discussion moderated by Marco Lazzarino and Alessandra Magistrato. The event in which the seminar was inserted constitutes the main national matchmaking and updating event in the field of life sciences. For this reason the presentation of the activities carried out by some scientific subjects of the NANO-REGION network constitutes an opportunity for exposure and contact with the entrepreneurial reality, and it is hoped, a good way to expand and grow the interreg project.