First call for Small project fund GO! 2025 published by the EGCT GO - Tender SPF GO! 2025 n.1/2023


The Small Project Fund GO! 2025 (SPF), financed by the Interreg VI-A Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027 Programme, is managed by GECT GO / EZTS GO and is framed under Specific Objective OP 4.6: "The role of sustainable culture and tourism in the development of economy, social inclusion and social innovation." It is a tool whose main objective is to prepare the cross-border territory for the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica-Gorizia 2025.

EGTC GO will manage the fund and annually (from 2023 to 2027, or until the funds are finished) prepare tenders for projects of smaller value, from 30.000 to 200.000 euros, to which bussines, associations, municipalities and other potential partners can apply within the program cross-border area.

The first call for the GO! 2025 Small Project Fund (Tender SPF GO! 2025 n.1/2023) is now available on the EGTC-GO website at this link.