Eco-Smart: A Methodological Proposal for the Climate Change Risk Assessment of Coastal Habitats Based on the Evaluation of Ecosystem Services: Lessons Learnt from the INTERREG Project ECO-SMART


This paper presents a climate change risk assessment method that combines the socio- ecological theoretical framework of ecosystem services assessment with local stakeholder participation, to systematically identify climate related issues for local protected habitats.

The methodology was applied to selected Natura 2000 sites along the Adriatic coast, an area at high risk of ecosystem service loss due to climate change.

 Results show that each of the assessed sites, despite being along the coast of the same sea, is affected by different climate-related issues impacting different habitats and corresponding ecosystem services.

The methodology was evaluated as robust and generally applicable, as it addresses the peculiar response to climate change of each nature conservation site in terms of habitats and ecosystem services, and can thus become a useful tool for public authorities, site managers and other stakeholders to contribute to plan site-specific measures of adaptation, conservation and restoration.

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