Current advancements in the Proof-of-Concept activites, Nano-region project


The objective of the NANO-REGION project (Interreg Italy-Slovenia program) is to link the nanotechnological skills existing in the area to the industrial needs, in the cross-border area of ​​the Adriatic that holds together northern northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

To make contact with companies, the NANO-REGION project has developed a dedicated protocol, the Proof of Concept, in which methods studied and made standard meet companies and identify their need, focused on which we proceed to elaborate a possible nanotechnology solution, which is actually implemented.

To date, 18 companies have been intercepted, which have submitted an application for collaboration with research laboratories. 4 applications are currently being evaluated, 10 searches are ongoing and 2 of them have been successfully completed. At the end of each a Proof-of-Concept report (PoC report) was prepared, including the research approach, summary of results, methodologies used, results of results and results that could be obtained through more research work. broad in the future. In this way to establish long-term connections between companies and science, deal with the success of the transfer, meet the challenges and work on those conditions.