CLEAN BERTH selected as a flagship project by the Cohesion Agency


The inclusion in the list of flagship projects certifies the ability of the project to produce effective and lasting changes

The “flagship” projects of the European Territorial Cooperation - ETC are projects that produce effective, measurable and lasting changes in the territories involved. The objective of the project collection model is to highlight the best results that emerge in the 2014-2020 programming period, i.e. the projects with the greatest territorial impact that have been able to structure and strengthen the contribution of the ETC to the development policies of the territory.

For each flagship project proposed, the Managing Authorities have indicated, in addition to the Program and the geographical area of ​​reference, the Macro-Regional and Maritime Basin Strategy to which the project contributes, the thematic area to which it belongs and the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) pursued. The projects were firstly aggregated according to these three macro-categories. Subsequently, the results and outputs declared by each project were analyzed, creating an aggregation by topic of intervention.

For the Adriatic-Ionian area - blue economy / sustainability / methodologies / transport and green deals / mobility thematic areas - CLEAN BERTH project was selected, which aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Program Area ports and create foundations for coordinated and permanent governance in the field of environmental sustainability and port energy efficiency at cross-border level.

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