BioApp Event at Technology park Ljubljana - Can biopolymers be an alternative to single use plastic? (07/11/2019)


A presentation where have we progressed with biopolymers utilization in food, cosmetic, and biomedical applications. Plastic is not just an isolated problem that we can banish from our lives, but simply the most visible product of uncontrolled consumption during the past half-century. This problem seems to be easily understandable since the plastic-based materials are things that people purchase and throw away. We can see it and touch it, and in a way, it feels like everything is under control. Even if nothing has been done to tackle this problem, people feel they could do it if they really want to – and in the most immediate way possible, by simply picking it up and putting it in the right recycing bin.

Can we envision our life without plastic? The answer is not so simple since we are missing the realistic alternatives for its replacement.

In the living world (plants, animals, microorganisms) there are no landfill and waste. It is all about the circulation of the resources. Can the same scheme be used in regards to the "overused plastic" problem?