ACQUAVITIS - New project team members at our partner CaFoscari University of Venice!


In May, the team was joined by Mirco Peschiutta, a new young fellow researcher who will be involved in isotope analysis of precipitation and water, from soil and vine samples from experimental vineyards. Mirco is also involved in laboratory activities, such as the development of a cryogenic extraction line to take water from soil samples in the experimental vineyards of the Acquavitis project (Mirco in the laboratory in the picture on the left).

In July, Maddalena Ammirati (Maddalena in the office with her presentation on the right) presented a master's thesis in environmental sciences entitled "The use of isotope hydrology in viticulture as part of the Acquavitis project" and was awarded the highest grade and honour. Maddalena is the first postgraduate student to complete a master’s thesis as part of the Acquavitis project activities.

Congratulations to both!