Study Visit to Salzburg!

15-18 January 2019


Four intensive days of work in Salzburg for tARTini project’s partnership on a trip to discover the key elements of the cultural and touristic strategy of Salzburg-Mozart binomial, that have made the city famous all around the world.

The study Visit counted with the participation of representatives of the Municipality of Piran, including the new Major  Đenjo Zadkovič and the vice-major Manuela Rojec, from the Italian Community of Piran (Comunità degli Italiani di Pirano), Conservatorio di Trieste and collaborators of the University of Padova, in addition to the representatives of the Executive Secretariat of the Central European Initiative that coordinated the activity with the collaboration of MAONA d.o.o agency of Piran.

An intensive programming of meetings, guided tours consented the participants to get to know the key details about the touristic-cultural system of Salzburg around the figure of Mozart. The delegation met representatives of Mozarteum University, that presented the research and divulgation activities related to Mozart’s plays and the internal management of the University; with representatives Of Mozarteum Foundation, which manages and takes care of the heritage of the museum and Library of Mozart, including the Houses at Salzburg to learn about their experience and about the organizational and management model; and with the managers of the most important music festival of the city, the “Salzburger Festspiele”, where they had the opportunity to see the scenic equipment and the great structure and back-stages of the theaters. They also met memebers of the touristic agency of Salzburg Municipality that have illustrated how they promote and the management problems for a sustainable tourism in the city.


At the Municipality of Salzburg, tARTini project partners met the director of the Area for Culture, Education and Science, whom with they followed a distended dialogue about the coordination of public and private entities that manage all touristic and cultural activities in the area of Salzburg, and their possible answers to confront the different problems of a market in constant growth.

Finally the group had the chance to meet the director of the “Mozart Ways, which consist of a big international network of institutions of the cities that Mozart visited during his trips around the continent. All together as a very fruitful and productive trip full of valuable lessons that need now to be adapted and transferred to the Italy-Slovenia context through tARTini project, taking advantage of all the potential cultural-tourism of the heritage of the “Master of Nations” in the cities that made part of the fascinating life of Giuseppe Tartini.


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