NUVOLAK2: "“Money should not be the leading force, as it is only a consequence of it”



“We act as support and a helpdesk to companies and event organisations. We have two products, one is a web platform, where one can get everything needed for organising an event, which enables one to manage event attendees, as well. The second product is focused on following the event attendees via self-phones, mobile terminals and the innovative RFID UHF which makes possible contactless notifying on the attendees’ movements.” These were the opening lines by Jurij Triller at the 9th INNOtalks event that was organised by ABC Accelerator on 13th November. The event took place at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska.  Jurij Triller took this event as an opportunity to present his company, ID.Conference, as he is currently on the market for seed capital.


Jurij Triller; FOTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC pospeševalnik


Jurij Triller started his career in marketing with Joker magazine and continued with another media company that covered magazines such as Playboy, Man’s Health and Cosmopolitan. Remarkably, at the age of only 23, he was already the head of marketing.

Later on, he and a friend of his founded their own marketing agency that covered marketing aspects of Avtomoto Magazin and Playboy, as well. At the same time, he was the co-owner and head of the marketing of commercial adds at the newspaper Dobro Jutro.


9. Innotalks at the Faculty of Management; FOTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC pospeševalnik


Just before the financial crisis started, Jurij and his wife Jasna were blessed with a son. Jurij had at that time taken over of the company IDentiks. The company was established already in 2005 and is considered nowadays one of the highest regarded brands with their PVC and Bio cards, together with their RFID systems. The company’s focus is on the cards and their use, and their sales exceed 700.000 EUR a year. So far each year has ended with a profit and they constantly invest into new development and have successfully expanded their business to Croatia. IDE.Conference’s business solution was developed within the company upon entering ABC Accelerator’s programme and after getting invested in, they made a spin-off company, ID.Conference.

Jurij Triller took time on INNOtalks to advise young people, saying that it is always wise for one to take advantage of the mentor’s support. He advised the younger generations that one should not venture into business because of the money alone.


Students; FOTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC pospeševalnik


“It is crucial that one gets along with the team; it is as important as a good product.”

According to him, his success sprouted fully owing to the team and the relations within it.

“It’s important not to go to work with a lump in your throat” Jurij said and stated further that within the team anything can be the subject of discussion. It is wise to remember, however, that directors and other leaders have sometimes better things to do. On the question how it is to start a business with a friend he answered, that this can be either pleasurable or deadly for business. The same goes for family business, as he and his wife have spent 24/7 together. It is hard to find the line between business and private life.

The key for ID.Conference, he added, was that they were open for market response and received good feedback in the final market. Their platform has been involved in 120 events with 50.000 attendees in seven years.

The team was given significant assistance in the acceleration process at the ABC Accelerator. Being part of it enabled them to get a convertible loan for start-up companies from the Slovenian corporate fund. Triller added that currently his company is seeking 200.000 EUR of seed capital. With the money they would, among other things, start their “marketplace” venture to support their basic activities. This would enable them to continue successful organisation of events with the new added value. The organisers of events could get an offer for different products and services, such as catering, sound equipment and flowers – everything an event organizer might need.

Jurij recommended doing thorough market research before starting a business. It often happens that a great idea has been already executed and is on the market. He also advised the students to accept customer feedback with open arms and warned them that a great idea on its own is worth nothing.

“An idea is worthless if you cannot sell it” he said and added that one should learn to abandon the idea if it is a bad one. At the same time, he continued: “if you’re searching for work in a start-up company, you should know that the pay is bad but this is compensated by the fair amount of experience gained”.

“Money should not be the leading force, as it is only a consequence of it” he concluded – one should always listen to their inner voice.



Inno is a result of the Nuvolak2 project and co-financed by Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Cooperation Programme.