WASTE DESIGN - The beginning of the use of underground collectors for the separate collection of waste in Postojna


From November 21 it will be possible to drop waste within the ecological islands on Titova cesta near the cemetery and on Volaričeva ulica (Postojna), which were provided by the Municipality of Postojna as part of the Waste design project.


At both locations, users will be able to drop off mixed waste packaging (yellow bin), paper and cardboard, as well as paper and cardboard packaging (blue bin) and glass packaging (green bin). Dropping waste into the bins is easy. You get rid of the waste by pressing the foot pedal located on the lower right side of the individual bin, causeing lid of the bin to open, into which you can then deposit the waste brought.


By the end of the month, we will also return the bins for clothing and textiles, small electrical and electronic equipment, and cooking oil to the location on Volaričeva ulica. In January, the Municipality of Postojna will install underground collectors on the ecological island on Tržaška cesta opposite to the Mercator center.


At this point, we kindly ask users to put only waste that belongs there and not to put other waste next to the bins, because by doing that you cause unnecessary additional cleaning costs and spoil the image of your place.


We urge citizens to dispose of waste responsibly, as this shows concern for cleanliness and our environment.

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( 1 byte, published on 18 November, 2022 - 15:52 )