WALKofPEACE project:Kambreško – a renovated water reservoir


The Municipality of Nova Gorica, a project partner, carried out the renovation of a water reservoir (trough) from World War I located in the village of Kambreško. The renovation works were carried out in cooperation with the local community of Kambreško and the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči. The water reservoir was primarily used for the needs of the army on the Isonzo Front, and was later on used to supply water to livestock. Both the inside and outside of the reservoir were renovated to prevent it from ruin. Nowadays, the reservoir nicely complements the Walk of Peace that runs along the Kanalski Kolovrat ridge, as a welcoming source of refreshing water to numerous hikers and bikers that pass it on their way. The renovation works were carried out following guidelines from the Nova Gorica Regional Office of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.