Walk of Peace - Professional guided tour with the visit of the World War I heritage in Štanjel (Slovenia) and Monte San Michele (Italy)


At the end of March 2019, the representatives of the Foundation Walk of Peace from Posočje, the Soča Valley Development Center and the Kobarid Museum attended a professional guided tour, where they learned about the heritage of the First World War in the Karst, which is also included in the trail »Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic«.

In Štanjel they visited an exhibition titled " Greeting from the Battlefield" prepared by Marko Mohorčič, Mitja Močnik and Andrej Švagelj. It presents objects, memories and events on the Karst in the hinterland of the Isonzo Front. The participants then visited the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery in Štanjel, and the director of the public institution »Komenski Kras«, Ms. Polona Abram spoke about the possibilities of arranging the important historical area of Grmada / Hermada into a cross-border outdoor museum of the First World War.

The study visit continued with a guided tour to another important point in the Karst, Monte San Michele, located in the municipality Zagraj / Sagrado in Italy. As part of the centennial celebration, public and private partners renovated the museum, the viewing platform, and the outdoor museum. So visitors can also learn about the Isonzo front using 3D glasses, an interactive map and other innovative content.

On Debela griža / Monte San Michele, Mr. Nicola Revelant (Promoturismo FVG), which is also a partner of the Walk of Peace Strategic Project, Ms. Chiara Aglialoro (Tourism board of Zagraj/ Sagrado Municipality), Mr. Carlo Rossi  (representative of IKON), Ms. Roberta Demartin (president of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation in Gorizia), who co-financed the renovation of the museum and outdoor museum, and Mr. Norbert Zorzitto (director of the Italian ossuary in Redipulja/ Redipuglia) joined the group from Slovenia. Ms. Maša Klavora (Foundation Walk of Peace), Ms. Polona Cimprič (Soča Valley Development Centre) and Mr. Nicola Revelant (Promoturismo FVG) presented the strategic project "WALKofPEACE" and its main activities and results to all participants.

The study excursion on the Italian and Slovenian Karst was very informative for all participants, since they have upgraded their knowledge and strengthened their contacts with important organizations, which deal with research, conservation and presentation of the heritage in the southern part of the Isonzo Front.



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