VISFRIM - Development of a pilot system for a two-way communication between stakeholders in the field of water status and flooding


In the coming months, in the context of the VISFRIM project, ARSO is going to work on the development of an online platform: an innovative environment for a two-way communication between stakeholders in the field of water status and flooding.

It will combine information gathered from river observers from the field with data from water authorities (warnings or forecast about high water conditions, weather forecast, etc.). In addition it will offer educational content on the topic of water and flood safety, as well.
The system will also encourage active participation of citizens in making their own observations of the environment. Users will be able to submit reports on current developments in the field via a mobile application: thus they will contribute to a better flow of information on the state of the aquatic environment.

There are several aplications for submiting observations online. One example of such an application is Regobs, which allows observers to add feedback about observed phenomena related to environmental conditions.

The online platform will thus provide users with a set of relevant data in the field of water and floods, included mobile reports by citizens.
The prepared platform is also planned to support mutual exchange of data in the area of the Soča and Vipava river basins. The information provided will be available to the public, so that each person can see information published by the others and decide for acts, especially in case of floods. Additional information will provide us with a basis for preparing effective measures.
Subsequent analyzes and the information provided will be a useful background for effective flood protection measure planning. 
The planned pilot system will therefore contribute in various ways to greater data circulation and even better feedback for the public as well as experts and other decision-makers regarding water and flooding.
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