Project WALKofPEACE: A journey through history, along what was once the Isonzo front and then the Lower Piave front during the Great War. Here is the Walk of Peace.


The video, created with the Interreg ITA-SLO "Walk of Peace" project by the company TinBob in collaboration with the project partners, describes with images the experience that hikers will be able to do along the route, from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. 450 km from Log pod Mangartom to Trieste crossing landscapes, localities and cities today symbols of peaceful coexistence without borders, once divided by conflict. But not only: in addition to the actual itinerary, there are also other places that are part of the project and its spirit such as Ragogna, home to various itineraries linked to the history of the Caporetto retreat, and the Basso Piave area where the front is moved into the last year of the war.

This is the Walk of Peace.