The website unites in one place all those who have a role in in work based learning ie students, employers and mobility coordinators!

In the course of the CB_WBL project (Slovene-Italian Alliance for Cross-Border Work Based Learning), approved under the INTERREG V-A ITALY-SLOVENIA 2014-2020 co-operational program, several activities have been carried out in recent years in order to strengthen cross-border work-based learning.

To conclude, the project team launched a single tool, a digital platform called INPRAXI, which is the Latin term for the phrase "in practice". It thus enables students, as well as employers and mobility coordinators, to get in touch in a cross-border integration point of contact in the context of work-based learning.

Students will be able to know first-hand the potential employers, connect with them and get answers to any questions related to cross-border training – it also represents the stepping stone to the world of work that classroom lessons cannot guarantee. Employers will have the opportunity to present their activities and to enable prospective potential candidates to connect directly with them via a simple click. All this will be monitored by the mobility coordinators, who will learn about the different techniques to facilitate contacts between high school students and employers, and to organize cross-border work-based learning.

The INPRAXI platform, accessible through the domain , represents the central tool for finding, publishing and coordinating student practices or work based learning. Try it out and connect, as new skills, a common denominator and the first step in connecting all stakeholders to such an important spectrum of VET programs.

Find, choose, go!

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