PRIMIS - The Multimedia Centre of Santo Stefano di Cadore, val Comelico


In the past few months, thanks to an intense listening and collaboration with the public bodies and the population conducted by the Comelico Dolomiti Foundation, the choral construction process of the Multimedia Centre began.

The identification of the location of the Multimedia Centre in Santo Stefano di Cadore (Comelico) was a complex process, which requires some explanatory notes. At first, in fact, during the drafting of the project, a general availability had been received from the Municipal Administration of Santo Stefano to host the Centre in a space owned by the Municipality, which later however proved to be unsuitable for the purpose, because it is not sufficiently large and difficult to use by visitors. During the spring of 2019, an alternative solution was therefore sought, identifying some commercial spaces overlooking the town square, to be rented, and asking the owners for an economic proposal. During the collection of estimates, however, a new lucky opportunity arose. The new municipal administration, elected in May 2019, has communicated its intention to create an exhibition space in the former registry office, a large room located on the ground floor of the Municipal building, equipped with 3 large windows overlooking the main square of Santo Stefano, in direct connection with the current tourist office.

The Comelico Dolomiti Foundation immediately glimpsed the possibility of hosting the Multimedia Centre inside the new exhibition structure of the Municipality, which materialized in the following months with a loan contract with the Municipality for the use of the premises of the former registry office for the activities of the PRIMIS project. In the meantime, the Municipality of Santo Stefano has won a regional call for the renovation of the premises intended to host the multimedia information Centre. The renovations will be carried out in the coming months. The works for the preparation of the Multimedia Centre will start immediately after, financed by PRIMIS project. The process was slowed down a lot by the COVID emergency, but the Foundation still expects to be able to inaugurate the Multimedia Centre in 2021.

The Comelico Dolomiti Foundation is also negotiating with the local Professional Institute of Industry and Crafts, Furnitures and Interior design ( ), for a possible collaboration in the realization of fixed and wooden furniture provided by the project. The involvement of the students of the School would bring remarkable added value to the project and would be extremely important for the whole Comelico community.

The wood will be donated by the ancient Comelico Rules, always engaged in the cultural field and the promotion of the territory.


PRIMIS santostefano 2.png        PRIMIS Rendering CM2 S.Stefano.jpg