In the present uncertain situation due to the spreading of Covid-19, the global tourism is reinventing itself to get through the crisis. An interesting alternative to mass tourism destinations in this particular moment is the cycling tourism. The Province of Venice offers numerous exciting itineraries for all levels of cyclists.

Towards the end of summer when the heat eases off, the itinerary that is particularly recommended will take the guests to many Venetia villas along the Riviera del Brenta. All the routes are easy and run along flat land allowing the cyclists to admire the local architectural pearls, while enjoying a bike ride along the river and a variety of gastronomical possibilities.

Though this is not a single complete itinerary, thanks to internet you may create a route to suite your needs and just use one of the available cycle lanes.

Bicycle tourism is a subject matter that Ca’ Foscari is also involved with, since Ciset (International Centre of Studies on the Tourism Economy) also provided an online event dedicated to this very topical issue at present.



Link to bicycle tourism in the Veneto region:


Author: Lia de Luca (University Ca’ Foscari Venice)