"Nanotech meets Business", the NANO-REGION workshop


11-03-2021 - The "Nanotech meets business" workshop is held today, co-organized by Cnr-Iom in the framework of the NANO-REGION project, by the University of Trieste, which hosts the event on the Teams platform and by 'Ca' Foscari University of Venice, in particular the Business and Management department, with the speaker who leads the workshop, Professor Maurizio Massaro.


The "Nanotech meets Business" workshop is held today on the virtual platform Teams, hosted by the University of Trieste and organized by Cnr-Iom in collaboration with the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, within the framework of the European project NANO-REGION .


The course aims to provide participants with a series of useful tools to develop a strategic planning process and, above all, to formulate an incremental business strategy (aimed at strategic positioning) and radical (aimed at strategic innovation). The analysis will be specifically oriented towards understanding the development of new technologies and their application in terms of strategic innovation.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to apply the theoretical tools to understand and analyze the key issues and to appreciate the complexities related to management in terms of strategy formulation. The course will be characterized by an interdisciplinary approach. During the course, students will have some insights into how to rigorously analyze a company's competitive environment, its internal resources and its business-level strategies. The conceptual foundations and tools acquired during the course from various disciplines will be used to analyze a case history based on business model innovation. The course is designed so that participation and discussion enable the learning process.


The dedicated workshop is divided into several parts:
- a first session of lectures, dedicated to master's students and graduate students of the University, to discuss different business strategies and explain the results of the NANO-REGION project;
- a second phase, limited to doctoral students, who, divided into working groups, will apply the business model to nanotechnological processes and products. Here, thanks to an interdisciplinary approach that combines the scientific skills of the researchers and the methodologies and practices illustrated in the first part, we will try to identify the fundamental issues for communicating the added value of nanotechnologies to local companies;
- a third moment of final discussion.