MUSE | Italian automotive market shifts on sustainable mobility


The Italian market shifts on sustainable and electric mobility

Registrations drop for diesel cars and petrol ones while hybrids and full electric vehicles spread: the Italian automotive sector trends before the covid-19 crisis

After the boom in registrations recorded in December 2019, a -13.98% demand drop from private individuals impacted on diesel and petrol cars sales. On the opposite, the first month of 2020 marked a 82% growth for the hybrids the Italian auto market compared to the same period in 2019. The electric mobility performed even better with a registration increase that marked a + 586.6%.

Several are the factors encouraging the private users towards a sustainable vehicle choice: first of all the Italian government measure Ecobonus for the purchase of low-emission vehicles, the electric automotive offering growth (currently counting on more than 60 car models) and the development of the charging infrastructure considering the current number of 8200 charging points in Italy.

The research also extends to the global context assessing that electric vehicles for the transport of people  have globally exceeded 5 million units, with a share of over 2 million annual sales.

You can find here the full version of the white paper on electric and sustainable mobility (Italian language only)

SOURCE: Repower