GeoKarst - The illustrated volume "The Classical Karst geopark"


In the frame of the GeoKarst project, thanks to the collaboration between project partners and external experts, the illustrated volume "The Classical Karst geopark" was created.

Short presentation:

Geoparks that adhere to the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network (GGN) traditionally present themselves to the community with a publication that illustrates their distinguishing features, which have enabled them to become a UNESCO Geopark.

This informative publication on the Classical Karst geopark is the business card with which this territory and its community present themselves to UNESCO GGN, visitors and citizens in general.

This is not the first work to illustrate the unique geology and geodiversity of this area, the natural environment and the rich cultural heritage of this border area between Italy and Slovenia. For several centuries the geology of the Classical Karst has been the subject of scientific studies and speleological explorations, which have enriched our knowledge of Karst and the specific environment of the area. This is, however, the first publication to consider the geological and territorial resources present across the entire area of the Classical Karst, from the point of view of geoparks, as an element encapsulating identity for the local community and as a tool for sustainable development.

It is an editorial work created within the framework of the Italy-Slovenia Interreg cross-border cooperation project "GeoKarst" and as part of the policy for the enhancement of geodiversity and geoparks promoted by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The illustrated volume The illustrated volume
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