ENGREEN - Beginning of works for the renovation of the ice house


The ENGREEN project envisages, among other things, the restoration of three ponds and at least 250 m of dry stone walls in the area of ​​the Škocjan Caves Park and the restoration of an ice house with a nearby pond in Draga in the area of ​​the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve.

It is one of the many ice houses whose remains are present in the area near the village of Draga. Ice houses are an important part of the historical and cultural heritage of this area, which needs to be preserved and evaluate. The production, storage and sale of ice in the Karst were carried out until the first post-war period. For this purpose, ice houses were used: deep masonry walls dug near ponds in particularly cold areas that were suitable for this type of activity.

The ice house restoration work, which began on March 23, 2021, is designed to preserve and improve this interesting structure, which has long been used by man for a long time and was then abandoned for a long time.

The ice house, which will be restored, is located along a very popular footpath marked Vertical SPDT (Slovenian Mountaineering Association Trieste), on the section that connects the road Bazovica-Draga and Pesek. A short and pleasant walk leads to it from both sides.

The works are expected to be completed by the beginning of August. The value of the renovation is 115 thousand euros, of which more than 90 thousand will be construction work. The Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 cooperation program contributes € 41,000 through the Engreen project.


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