Eco-Smart: Publications, scientific, informative and educational articles by ZRC and in concert with the other project partners


The Center for Scientific Research Koper - Mediterranean Institute of Environmental Studies, partner of the Eco-Smart project, has created a series of publications, scientific, informative and educational articles, in order to promote the application of PES, intended as a financial tool to implement interventions necessary to increase the resilience of ecosystems in the Natura 2000 sites, making a significant contribution to the protection and maintenance of the most vulnerable habitats threatened by climate change.

The articles were published in local newspapers, specialised online journals, printed and online publications.

In addition to this, there are also the publications created in concert with the other project partners (University of Padua and the Municipality of Monfalcone).

The collection of all scientific, informative and didactic publications and articles of all project partners are available at the following address: in the section called: "project documents" and click on the file name: COM4_LP_REPORT_ARTICOLI_PP2_PP3_PP5_IT-SLO.pdf

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