Eco-Smart: Final publication of the project


The Eco-Smart partnership has produced a final publication that illustrates the work carried out by the Partners and which aims to provide a guideline on the methodology adopted to promote the application of PES, intended as a financial tool to carry out the necessary interventions to increase the resilience of ecosystems in the Natura 2000 sites, making a significant contribution to the protection and maintenance of the most vulnerable habitats threatened by climate change.

Those interested in having a copy can request it at the following email address:

The publication is also available in digital format at the following link:

in the project documents section of the site

On the website of the Tourism Directorate - Veneto Region in the section dedicated to the project

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The publication is in Italian and Slovenian









Publication of the project in ItalianPublication of the project in Italian
EcoSmart-brosura-IT- Version.pdf
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Publication of the project in SlovenianPublication of the project in Slovenian
EcoSmart-brosura-SLO- Version.pdf
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