CrossCare - Towards the adoption of the crossborder protocol!


Portogruaro, Residenza Francescon, 20 February 2018. 

The Scientific Committee’s journey keeps going! This time we were in the small but cosy town of Portogruaro at Residenza Francescon.

Residenza Francescon is an innovative residence for senior citizens that is going to test advanced ICT solutions. Since improving the life of older people through the implementation of digital devices is among the specific goals of CrossCare, Francescon’s contribution in this project is crucial. Paolo Giacopello, manager of the social assistance services area, is leading the Scientific Committee towards the approval of a crossborder protocol. Paolo gave us a great tour of the facilities and welcomed us with a big breakfast!

The first part of the meeting focused on drafting the protocol. All team members agreed that the protocol should highlight how nursing homes play a central role in the elderly care system. They are widespread throughout the crossborder territory, they already offer several activities and are socially recognized as a point of reference for the treatment of fragile elderly. It will be important to start involving institutional actors in the drafting procedure. Indeed, the purpose of the protocol is to stimulate a negotiation process for the adoption of a new legislation, too.

Then, the discussion moved on evaluation tools. We agreed on identifying an advanced validating scheme based on 4 main parameters: health, cognitive, functional, mobility and social.

After the lunch break, we ended up the meeting by presenting some short updates on training courses and communication activities.

Miha Kranjc from DEOS is working really hard in trying to finalise the training calendar and we are on the right track: starting from March, we will be able to provide the first courses.

Regarding communication, we are planning to publish and deliver project brochures to promote CrossCare in nursing homes and during public events. We are also doing our best in designing an animation video to explain in an entertaining way what is CrossCare and what it will achieve.

So, if you want to stay updated, do not forget to follow us in the next weeks!