Completion of the DIVA project opens up new opportunities for creative innovation


Despite having reached the end of the DIVA project, it is difficult to speak of a real end, but quite the contrary: the end represents the possibility of a new beginning.

As part of the DIVA project, we have launched a series of activities aimed at creating a suitable environment to support the development of an innovation culture. An environment where people of different minds meet, where we forget the patterns of action and established ways of thinking. An environment where we are safe, without rules, without expectations and instructions…with a common challenge.

We are talking about DIVA HUBs. The HUBs started their activities during the project, but we are convinced that this is only the beginning of a new process aimed at promoting innovation, in which creatives will join innovation groups and help create new dynamics essential for the emergence of new ideas and solutions to face the challenges of modern but conservative society.

As part of the DIVA project, we learned a lot from the Kersnikova Institute (a pioneer in the field of creative innovation in Slovenia) about the importance of increasing the culture of innovation. Jurij Krpan, from the Kersnikova Institute, spoke on various occasions during DIVA events about the importance of creating a safe and stimulating environment for the creation and development of a new innovation culture.

Ideation can’t be simply ordered. We have to meticulously prepare an environment and special conditions from where the idea may arise!

The safe room rule