GeoKarst: Cross-border Geopark Karst-Carso Week from May 23 to June 5, 2022

Discover the secrets of the Karst underground, walk through the Karst cave, sample Karst cuisine, and learn about the Karst man's heritage, and much more.

Discover the Classic Karst cross-border geopark!

  • 23. 4.: Introduction to the Cross-Border Geopark in the Karst
  • from 23. 5. to 3. 6.: Lessons on geology and Karst formation (for elementary schools in the area of the cross-border geopark Karst-Carso)
  • 27. 5.: Presentation of the Science Day "Man and Karst" (for school representatives)
  • 27. 5.: Guided hike through the Glinščica valley
  • 28. 5.: Cross-border guided hike through the Living Museum of Karst and the Scattered Museum of Water on Karst thematic routes
  • 29.5.: Guided cross-border hike "Medvek and its Java"
  • from 29. 5. to 5. 6.: Guided tours of Karst caves
  • 30. 5.: Guided geological hike along the Škocjan Learning Path
  • 31. 5.: Cross-border educational workshop "Tour along the Emerging Cross-border Geopark in the Karst"
  • 1. 6.: Professional-educational workshop of the Cross-border Karst-Carso Geopark with a social programme (for local participants)
  • 1. 6.: Guided tour of "Geo-discovery of Carsiana"
  • 2. 6.: Geo-cycling trip in the vicinity of the Nabrežinske quarries
  • 2. 6.: Guided tour of the Lipica quarry
  • 3. 6.: Guided trip through Doberdob - exploring Doberdob's intermittent lake
  • 5. 6.: A journey through the forest in search of a geo-treasure along the Josef Ressl Learning Path and a hunt for the Geostationarity of the Igovec Forest
  • 5. 6.: Guided hike on the Rilke Trail over the Sistiana Bay

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