WALKofPEACE project, Appointments with the journalists Aldo Cazzullo and Paolo Mieli


Thanks to the WALKofPEACE project it was possible to organise two appointments in San Donà di Piave and Portogruaro with the presence of two important representatives of the Italian historical/journalistic scenario. On Wednesday 8 December at 4.00 p.m. a conference was held at the Leonardo Da Vinci Auditorium in San Donà di Piave, dedicated to the First World War, with the participation of the journalist and writer Aldo Cazzullo. The conversation with the author was based on his book "La guerra dei nostri nonni" (Our Grandparents' War), published by Mondadori, and was particularly lively and engaging, with quotations of letters from the front and poems by soldiers/poets that created an atmosphere of empathy in the auditorium towards the suffering endured by our young soldiers during the conflict. Interesting comments were also made by the speaker, who regretted the difficult involvement of young people in these historical topics. On Friday 10 December at 9 p.m., an evening dedicated to the First World War entitled "Conversations on the First World War" was held at the Russolo Theatre in Portogruaro, with the presence of the journalist and historian Paolo Mieli. The historian emphasised how the Great War can be considered the founding moment of the Italian State, from the point of view of the spirit of belonging, since for the first time soldiers from all over Italy fought side by side to defend the homeland. The tragic nature of the First World War due pag. 7 to trench warfare was also emphasised, which is why the memory of the First World War must be kept alive for the new generations. At the end of the events, both speakers stopped to meet the large audience and to autograph their books, which were made available to the organisation and by Vegal. In total, the two events counted more than 600 participants.

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