VISFRIM: Pilot-evaluation on field of a Citizens’ Observatory in the Lemene catchment


On 24 June 2022 a field exercise was held in the city centre of Portogruaro in order to test the efficiency of ICTs developed in the VISFRIM project in the context of the Citizens’ Observatory: specifically, the “Co Visfrim” mobile app, trough which every user is enabled to actively take part at environmental monitoring by sending geo-referenced reports, including videos/pictures.

Several Civil Protection members from the local District in Portograuro, who had attended a short online training course the previous day, were involved in the pilot.

In particular the civil protection volunteers, divided into teams, used the mobile app to send various reports about simulated hydraulic criticalities in the study area: flooding, structural failure of riverbed works, obstructions by vegetation, etc. The Metropolitan City of Venice monitored some river trunks by drones and sent reports by the mobile app, whereas Eastern Alps River Basin District evaluated the acquisition of volunteers’ reports via the related web-gis portal and sent in turn alert notifications to the participants.

The test ended successfully and the teams came back to the Fire Brigade centre at Portogruaro to exchange feedbacks and opinions about the applicability of such a technological system for flood risk mitigation purposes.

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