VISFRIM - Dissemination event about the status of the project - Portogruaro, 16/12/2021


On 16 December 2021 a dissemination event about the VISFRIM project was hold in the council chamber at Portogruaro. The initiative, attended by mayors and representatives from the Land Reclamation Consortia, was organized by the Venice Metropolitan Area, the Eastern Alps River Basin District, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, project’s partners, with the support of the municipality from Portogruaro.

The meeting was the occasion to show the results achieved until now, with particular reference to the environmental data set implemented on a WebGis platform and the several topographical surveys carried out and next to start. The plan of future activities was also presented in the context of the Citizens’ Observatory (WP 3.3 - Development of an Innovative Two-Way Flood Risk Communication Environment in Transboundary River Basins): the organization of a series of meetings with local stakeholders and citizens aimed at promoting the use of project-implemented technologies (mobile app and related WebGis for environmental monitoring), so to evaluate their stability, robustness and utility.
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