VISFRIM – Further dissemination event about the status of the project - Portogruaro, 14/04/2022


On 14 April 2022 a further dissemination event about the VISFRIM project was hold in the council chamber at Portogruaro. The initiative, organized by the Venice Metropolitan Area and the Eastern Alps River Basin District, with the support of the municipality from Portogruaro, was attended by representatives from the Land Reclamation Consortia, Environmental Agencies, Municipalities and Civil Protection. In the first part of the meeting, the development of the mobile app and the related Web-Gis portal, planned within the "Citizen Observatory", was presented. Later the "drone" instrumentation and its applicability within the project were presented, especially in the context of the Citizen Observatory, given its ability to monitor sites that are difficult to access by an observer on the ground.

The meeting continued with the implementation of some monitoring activities along the Lemene river, near the center of Concordia Sagittaria (VE). In particular, a questionnaire for environmental monitoring was distributed to participants, also available as an online form, as an alternative to the use of the mobile app, currently under development. Several monitoring activities were carried out: some measurements of the water level from a bridge using a measuring tape and the aerial survey of the river bank using the drone managed by the technicians from the Metropolitan City of Venice. These monitoring activities will be replicated later to test the stability and robustness of the technologies (mobile app and Web-Gis portal).

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