TRAIN Industrial Day @ Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2019


The Industrial Day dedicated to the TRAIN project is organized as part of the Meet In Italy FOR LIFE SCIENCES, which this year will be held in Trieste from 16 to 18 October Magazzino Molo IV.


October 17 - 9.00 - Auditorium:

Biotechnology experts will discuss the use of "disease in a dish" models to study human diseases, drug development and high-throughput screening.

The conference will cover three main research areas that represent great opportunities for industrial application to improve both diagnosis and therapy of diseases.



On the 17th, at the TRAIN stand you will have the opportunity to experience the innovative process firsthand through a unique presentation in virtual reality, discovering the treatments and administering them to a patient and then observing their therapeutic effect.

Brokerage Event

During the Meet In Italy, from 11 to 18:30, the Brokerage Event will offer companies, start-ups, universities and research institutes the opportunity to meet and find new collaborations for the development of products, services and projects.

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