Project event - CB_WBL - second meeting of experts


Cross-border integration and enhancement of practical knowledge in the educational process in line with European trends - Second meeting of experts within the project CB_WBL in Nova Gorica

Increasing cross-border student mobility as the best solution for Italian-Slovene cooperation between companies and schools. This was the starting point of the meeting, which took place on Friday, 6.7.2018, as part of the project titled "Slovene-Italian Alliance for Cross-Border Work Based Learning" (acronym CB_WBL), supported by the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Programme 2014-2020. The meeting was attended by experts in vocational education and training, mobility experts and proffessionals in human resource management in private companies. This time a special group was set up to design solutions and tools to improve cross-border mobility and connect schools with businesses.

The meeting was held of the Inter-Business Educational Center (Medpodjetniški izobraževalni center - MIC), which is part of the School Center in Nova Gorica. In addition to the creation of a clear work plan, in the context of finding solutions to increase cross-border mobility, the main purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with the content, current situation and presentation of activities, which will help to create solutions for improving existing practices. These will be implemented both from an organizational and administrative point of view, and in particular through digital and innovative solutions.

Within the framework of the CB_WBL project, two comparative analyzes about work-based learning and the mobility of students in Italy and Slovenia have already been drafted by two working groups of experts. Based on their results, the third, in charge of providing solutions and tools, will create a new model of cross-border mobility that will, through practical experience, networking, internationalization, development and project work in schools and in companies, enable the discovery and growth of young talents. In addition, the experts will create a database of companies and launch a digital platform where students will be provided with information on companies offering practical training and clear guidance on the procedures on the other side of the national border.

We have just approached the second half of the CB_WBL project, whose leading partner is the Cooperative Center for Social Activities in Trieste (Zadružni center za socialno dejavnost / Centro cooperativo di attività sociali). The increase in cross-border student mobility is the result of which six project partner organizations, including the Regional Education Office for Friuli Venezia Giulia (Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Friuli Venezia Giulia/Deželni Šolski Urad Za Furlanijo Julijsko krajino), consider to be essential for the cross-border connection of talents, knowledge and the economic development. European trends are moving towards increasing practical skills in the educational process. Potential, long-term and lasting integration based on innovative solutions will enable the actual implementation of the vision in the cross-border area, where there is plenty of  young talents.