PRIMIS "Voci in viaggio (Voices on the go)" Luigi Russolo Theater – Portogruaro


The Partner GAL Eastern Venice - VeGAl, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Portogruaro, promotes on February 12, at 6.00 p.m., a musical event that aims to make the multicultural popular musical repertoire of the areas affected by the PRIMIS project known to a wide audience.

"Voci in viaggio", a concert of choirs from the linguistic communities between Italy and Slovenia, will see the participation of three choirs from different backgrounds who will sing respectively in Friulian, Slovenian and Veneto:

• Hermann Octet from Roveredo in Piano

The Hermann Octet was born in 1988 in Camporosso, a pretty village in Friuli. For fun. The occasion of a meeting in Tarvisio and the subsequent proposal to listen to a foreign vocal group, called the "Octet Hermann" aroused everyone's curiosity. No one understood that it was a performance organized by two of the eight elements and that the Hermann Octet was actually the same group that loved to meet, after their leave, for the joy of being together and singing. Then it was found that the singing harmony and musical preparation were the same as when they sang in the Choir of the Julia Alpine Brigade. Thus was born spontaneously, between five Friulians and three Venetians, the idea of giving life to a new choral ensemble that expressed itself in the Hermann Octet.

• Female vocal group Stu Ledi from Trieste

The female vocal group Stu ledi was formed in 1978 and is part of the homonymous Slovenian folk group from Trieste. The group is therefore a folkloric and singing expression of the Slovenian national minority in Italy. The repertoire of the vocal group includes almost exclusively popular songs and draws mainly on the Slovenian musical and choral tradition, without however neglecting the popular songs of neighboring ethnic groups.

• Chioggiotto Popular Choir from Chioggia

In 1978, at the end of the year, the Coro Popolare Chioggiotto was born on the initiative of the director of the musical band, Maestro Loris Tiozzo. His repertoire is mainly the result of research and recordings of melodies among the popular songs of the Venetian lagoon. A work carried out with painstaking patience by maestro Tiozzo who then managed to harmonize those arias that risked being lost in the meanders of time. The Choir stands out for having brought to the people's attention the songs of the most ancient lagoon traditions, sometimes handed down from generation to generation.

Participation is free but it is necessary to book a place by registering on the Eventbrite platform: 

We look forward to see you at the Russolo Theater! 


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