PRIMIS - The CiCo - Comelico multimedia information center opened in Santo Stefano di Cadore


Thanks to the PRIMIS project, on Sunday 31 July the Comelico Dolomiti Foundation and the Municipality of Santo Stefano di Cadore officially inaugurated the CiCo - Comelico multimedia information center. The center will narrate the linguistic and cultural richness of the valley and will be the convergence point of all the places of interest that the Comelico offers, from which the visitor will be directed to discover the valley, but also for the benefit of the inhabitants. The CiCo is located in the central Piazza Roma in Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL).
In addition, the Center will host numerous cultural events in the coming weeks.
In all, the multimedia centers created within PRIMIS will be four. In addition to the CiCo del Comelico and the Multimedia Center at the Bibione Lighthouse which are already open, in the coming months Multimedia Centers will be inaugurated in the Gravisi-Buttorai building in Koper in Slovenia and in the Narodni Dom in Trieste.