First meeting for "face to face" schools - NANOREGION


On Friday, the 11th of March the first event of the "Face to face" cycle will take place, with whom the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia NANO-REGION project will promote the meeting of the world of research with students at school. The event will take place online with classes of the Lavinia Mondin Institute in Verona, from 8.10 to 9.00 hours.

The meeting aims to share a cross-section of the professions to intrigue and interest students towards the world of science and technological innovation. The format is a guided dialogue between a scientist who works in a corporate reality and a scientist who works in an academic reality. In this way, we intend to bring to light what it means to work today in the world of science and with nanotechnologies and what are the opportunities for the development of these professions in the future. At the end of the interview there will be a quarter of an hour dedicated to questions.

This is the first meeting of a cycle that was launched in 2022 and aims to guide the choice of studies for young people after finishing high-school.