At the end of the year, the municipality of Pivka concluded the preparation of one of the main project activities - the museum exhibition presenting the Ravne manor opened in December. 

The exhibition about “heaven in the Notranjska region”, as Ravne manor was referred to in the 18th century, is open to visitors in the Park of Military History which is the largest museum complex in Slovenia. The manor and its rich history are presented in three museum rooms, each presenting a part of the story. The first part represents the noble family of Raunach who were the first owners of the manor, with special mention of the most important member - Bernardin Raunach. Since Bernardin and his father erected a fortification at Šilentabor at the time of Turkish invasions, the story of Šilentabor is also presented in this room, together with a maquette. In the second room, three noble families who owned the castle after it was sold by the Raunachs, are presented chronologically – De Leo, Hohenwart and Marenzi. The latter were the last owners of noble origin. Other curiosities linked with the manor are presented in the third room: the estate, the development of the structure, library, the inventory and the Lipizzaner “kindergarten”. A special element of the exhibition is its graphical image with a leitmotif of floral ornament which can still be found on the walls inside the manor.  Another highlight of the exhibition are the portraits of the nobles who resided in the manor and the selected items in possession of the Hohenwarts. The owners - Gabriele Blaikner, Stephanie and Georg Wiesbauer - were kind enough to lend them for the exhibition. Two short documentaries about Ravne and about the story of Šilentabor can be viewed at the exhibition. There are also some replicas of knightly equipment for the joy of the youngest visitors.

The exhibition presenting Ravne manor is already open to visitors, while the opening ceremony will be organized at April 6.