ENGREEN - Students of Dolina in the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve, 28-30 September 2020


The pupils of the Simon Gregorčič lower secondary school in Dolina spent - within the ENGREEN project - an educational day in the natural environment of Val Rosandra. Between 28 and 30 September, the individual classes made an excursion of more than 3 hours, which began in the village of Draga and ended at the visitor center in Bagnoli della Rosandra-Boljunec. During the educational excursion, they explored the features of the nature reserve and green infrastructure. They learned when and why the nature reserve was established, why its symbol is the bat, what limestone and flysch are, what animals live there (amphibians, butterflies, birds, special animals as jackals and king owl, as well as the mountain raven and the hawk) and also what was and still is the importance of the valley for the population (natural access from the coast to the Karst plateau, ice houses, mills, etc.). The nature guides explained to the students in particular the history and significance of the ice houses located in the area around Draga. Representatives of the Municipality outlined the project for the restoration of the ice house, which will be carried out as part of the project, and presented other activities that will be carried out by the ENGREEN project. Pupils and teachers expressed the desire for similar new encounters that bring young people closer to nature and remind them of its great importance.

Centro visite_Sprejemni center Bagnoli della Rosandra-BoljunecCentro visite_Sprejemni center Bagnoli della Rosandra-Boljunec
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Riserva naturale_Naravni rezervatRiserva naturale_Naravni rezervat
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