ENGREEN On-line event "Wetland treasures between Mountain Veliki Snežnik and small Venice"


Did you know that February 2 is World Wetlands Day?

This year’s theme of WWD is “Water, Wetlands and Life.” Wetlands act like a kidney of the landscape. They are drinking water reservoirs and a cradle of biodiversity. The event will shine a spotlight on wetlands’ ecosystem services in the cross-border area Italy – Slovenia.

You are kindly invited to join us to celebrate WWD 2021 together to raise awareness on the importance of wetlands conservation and restoration.

The event will take place in Slovene and Italian language, with real-time translation. You can connect directly via the invitation in the attachment or the Facebook channel of the ENGREEN project https://www.facebook.com/ProjectENGREEN

You are most warmly invited.

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