ENGREEN-Conference on the ice-house and excursion in Val Rosandra 12-14 May


The Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina and Cai Societa’ Alpina delle Giulie organize the conference entitled HISTORY AND RECOVERY OF THE ICE-HOUSE IN DRAGA. The history and recovery intervention, carried out as part of the ENGREEN project, will be illustrated by the arch. Fulvio Urban Bigolollo. Appointment Thursday 12 May at 18.30 at the CAI headquarters in via Donata 2 in Trieste.

Saturday 14 May follows the excursion on site with departure at 9.30 by Pesek (parking of the church of S. Mary Virgin). We will visit the "Jazera/ice-house", the remains of the old mills in Bottazzo, the land recovered and intended for pastures for the goats, with return to Pesek. Duration about 3 hours. Difference in height 500 m.

Free and free participation.

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