DIVA project hosted in Ljubljana


The kreaDIVA! event was held on Friday 28/02/2020 at the Creativity Centre, managed by the Museum of Architecture and Design, with the aim of presenting the project and some of it’s already achieved results.

The event was attended by approx. 50 representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and cultural and creative industries (CCI). Project partners presented the latest activities and results of the project. The Italian partners presented the collaboration model between the traditional business sector and the creative industries, developed by the DIVA consortium, through an online connection - for "precautionary health reasons". Participants were also informed of the results of an analysis of the current state of these collaborations, as well as some of the existing good practices. Of great interest was the presentation of different cooperation opportunities within the DIVA project.

Furthermore, was organized the work in the form of workshops, to present the group collaboration dynamics to the participants and to verify the creative collaboration model. This was an opportunity to discover completely new collaboration opportunities, to share different perceptions and knowledge and to formulate innovative approaches to face existing problems.

The event was organized by the Slovenian partners of the DIVA project, under the coordination of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the substantial contribution of the Kersnikova Institute, the University of Venice and the University of Nova Gorica.