Within the scope of the cross-border strategic project MerlinCV, under the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia programme, the Municipality of Pivka will set up a thematic cycle path. The so-called »Castles Path« will connect the Park of Military History with the Ravne mansion, the village of Narin and the Šilentabor hill above Zagorje. From there, the path will take three turns: the first will lead you past the Kalc Castle to the village of Bač, the second will take you to the village of Podtabor and the third to the small village of Ratečevo Brdo.

Information boards will be placed along the path to provide visitors with engaging historical background of single points of interest. The cultural heritage sites will include the following castle remains: the Ravne mansion built in the 16th century on the ruins of a former castle dating from the 14th century and owned by various noble families, including the Hohenwarts as the last; Šilentabor Castle built by the barons Raunach in the 15th century  represents, together with a refuge fort from Turkish raids, the largest fortified system in Slovenia;  Kalc Castle built at the beginning of the 17th century and known for its owner Miroslav Vilhar, a poet and a politician;  Podtabor is a small settlement under a mighty precipitous cliff which shows the remains of Podtabor Castle, also mentioned by Valvasor.

The path will not only lead you to cultural heritage sites but will also connect local tourism service providers. From the starting point at the Park of Military History, the largest museum complex in Slovenia, the path will lead to the village of Narin, a popular tourist spot, where organized groups of visitors will be able to learn about peasants’ customs and taste the local food. The route will offer a detour passing the above mentioned Kalc Castle and leading to the village of Bač and its organic agrotourism farm Pri Požarju where visitors will enjoy the local cuisine and the beautiful surrounding. Yet another detour will bring you to the homestead of the Jenezin family in the village of Rateče Brdo.

The path is expected to be finished in September, while the opening cycle tour with guidance will take place on Saturday, 17 October 2020. Local cycling guides will accompany all the enthusiasts on bikes. However, hikers are also invited to choose a section of the path and relax in the beautiful nature surrounding Pivka.

*Due to the changing safety measures linked with the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic situation, we kindly invite you to follow the newsfeed on the websites of the Municipality of Pivka and the Park of Military History where programme details and eventual changes will be published.