Cross-border event, DIVA borderless!


The cross-border event »DIVA borderless! Above the challenges of modern and high-tech society by introducing new approaches to cooperation between entrepreneurs and creatives« held on the ZOOM platform on 10 March 2022 ended successfully and once again showed the importance of cooperation and trust in a cross-border area. At first, the participants were addressed by Laura Comelli, representative of the Managing Authority of the Interreg IT-SI Cooperation Program and Mayors of Nova Gorica, Mr Klemen Miklavič and Gorizia, Mr Rodolfo Ziberna.

Let's take a look at some statements from the conference:

»The goal of the DIVA project - to promote an open and innovative economic ecosystem - is ambitious, but we believe that the work carried out by the whole partnership is to create an important seed shoot that will bear fruit in the years to come.« (Valeria Bazzan - Head of International Projects Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo - DIVA lead partner)

»Although at the beginning of the collaboration, there is often no understanding between the two sides and things do not flow as we imagine mutual trust is key.« (Žiga Lampe, GZS - DIVA project partner – organizer of the event)

»The round table, which was also attended by the representative of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Development and European Cohesion Policy Mr Marko Hren and representatives of the European Capital of Culture and other EU projects concerning cultural and creative industries, reveals how important and necessary it is to introduce new dynamics and mechanisms the exploitation of the potential of the cultural and creative sector, as an equal partner in cooperation with the economy. It is also perceived that quality cooperation between the cultural and creative sector and the economy still requires "facilitators", so-called innovation catalysts on the DIVA project, who have a good understanding of both entrepreneurial and creative sector and represent a connection to establish equivalent and quality partnerships.« (Martina Golob, Arctur - DIVA project partner - responsible for communication)

»We can’t solve the problem with the same thinking we created it with,” Einstein said. If we want to innovate, create something new, break through, find new business models, we need to have the courage for more and take the challenge to step out of the beaten path. (Jurij Krpan, Kersnikova Institute - DIVA project partner)

For all who couldn't attend the event is available a video at the link

event DIVA borderless!event DIVA borderless!
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